Arrived on Sal, Cabo Verde

Hey everyone,

as some of our dearest stalkers have already noticed, we arrived on Sal in the Cape Verdes yesterday. Now Serenity is lying peacefully in the bay in front of us and we are drinking cold coke at a bayside restaurant of our new friend Obama. 🙂

More updates soon…

The bay and harbor of Palmeira

Lost places, episode 1: Sciacca

While we are stuck here in Sciacca anyway – we have to wait for a new starter motor to arrive, which should hopefully happen today – we had lots of  time on our hands. We used most of it to enthusiastically waste it – lying around, reading up on sailing theory, practicing tin whistle, using the WiFi to download more music and audiobooks and also doing nothing at all. But we also took a day to explore the city. Continue reading “Lost places, episode 1: Sciacca”

Chapter 2: Goodbye Licata, Caribbean here we come!

To all of you patiently waiting for news: We have actually left Licata this noon and have finished the very first real bit of the journey to spend the night in Porto Empedocle. The way here was refreshingly boring. Daniel was still working to recover from our Goodbye-Licata-Party yesterday evening. Kai did “Skipper of the day”. And I was mainly lying around in the cockpit and got my stomach acquainted with the waves…

Thinking about it for another moment: AAAAAAAhhhh we are really doing this. Continue reading “Chapter 2: Goodbye Licata, Caribbean here we come!”