Chapter 2: Goodbye Licata, Caribbean here we come!

To all of you patiently waiting for news: We have actually left Licata this noon and have finished the very first real bit of the journey to spend the night in Porto Empedocle. The way here was refreshingly boring. Daniel was still working to recover from our Goodbye-Licata-Party yesterday evening. Kai did “Skipper of the day”. And I was mainly lying around in the cockpit and got my stomach acquainted with the waves…

Thinking about it for another moment: AAAAAAAhhhh we are really doing this. It’s really weird, after two months we had settled into a more or less comfortable rhythm. Get up, have breakfast, work on the next project on board, eat some Panini Magro in the Marina Café, finish said project, shower, cook or get Pizza, got to bed, repeat. Now our boat is all but finished (well, there are always some things left to do, but it’s working fine and looks really nice, too) and we are really making baby steps in the direction of the Caribbean! I don’t think that has really sunk in with us yet.

Also the evening of the day wasn’t quite so uneventful as we had hoped. The starter motor had shaken loose a cable and so, after sailing for a few hours, Godot wouldn’t start. In the middle of the ocean. Great…. But – after a few tries and a little skillful meddling from our Skipper – we made it safely to Porto Empedocle and were greeted by an actual dolphin swimming in the harbor bay in an almost cliché rosy red sunset.

So, we’re off to Chapter 2 of our journey: The actual journey to the Caribbean.

PS.: Just to add some pictures to a day where we took surprisingly few photos: This is what our Serenity looks like from the inside now:

Cockpit by night





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  1. Hi Ihr Lieben, gerade sind 21 kn Wind bei Euch (Sonntag 14.10. um 11:45). Seid Ihr auf dem Meer? Wind hat eigentlich die richtige Richtung… welche Etappen habt Ihr geplant? LG

  2. Hey! We are stuck again for some days in Sciacca, as our starter motor is not working as it should. Hopefully that will be fixed tomorrow (on Tuesday) so we can head to Sardinia on Wednesday. Fingers crossed…
    While we’re here we explored some lost places in Sciacca, hopefully I’ll get around to writing that post tomorrow. ?

    1. By the way: Kai added a “Track” page on our blog, where you can stalk our, or better Serenity’s every move. Check it out, if you haven’t already. ?

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