Beach BBQ on Bequia

Well I guess this is kind of messing up Kristin’s order in our posts, but I wanted to share some nice pictures of our beach BBQ on Bequia 🙂

During our diving lessons at Dive Bequia we met a funny local guy, Fabio, who is actually  spear fishing free diving (!!) for Baracudas and other sea creatures  unlucky enough to cross his way. He was a really nice guy and we did a beach BBQ together at the lovely beach of Bequia. Here are the pictures:

The nice beach of Bequia (Find Serenity!)

Our fireplace design by Celine! Including wind protection and cup holders!

Hmmm…Baracuda! 🙂

Celine after finishing her sand building projects…

So, now I have to drink rum punch! Next stop Guadeloupe!


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