Arrived on Sal, Cabo Verde

Hey everyone,

as some of our dearest stalkers have already noticed, we arrived on Sal in the Cape Verdes yesterday. Now Serenity is lying peacefully in the bay in front of us and we are drinking cold coke at a bayside restaurant of our new friend Obama. ­čÖé

More updates soon…

The bay and harbor of Palmeira

2 Replies to “Arrived on Sal, Cabo Verde”

  1. Congratulations! ­čÖé … and? How are the temperatures now? ­čÖé

    P.S.: Our IT team from the instisute does not let me have a look onto your website because the password is sent via an unsafe transmission ­čÖü They actually called me after I did this once. So now I can only have a look from home …

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