Rewriting history

So we’re back in Antigua and Serenity is nicely tucked in on a safe dry dock. We’re busy packing up things, organizing our departure in two weeks and doing BBQs with the locals. Another thing we’re busy with: Writing all those blog posts we never got round to finishing over the past months.

We’ve decided it makes sense to date them back to when we actually visited the places we are writing about, so that the posts end up in a somewhat chronological order. Kristin’s just added her account of our visit to Guadeloupe and I just posted our experience on Mayreau in the Grenadines. So check out all those big gaps in our history, we will be filling them over the next weeks.


Updated Plans

So we haven’t exactly been very talkative on this blog, lately. That’s for various reasons, such as spottiness of internet and changing of plans keeping us very busy. Speaking of that: We have changed our plan from sailing back to Europe to staying longer and selling the boat here in the Caribbean. So instead of six weeks of offshore sailing on the Atlantic, we opted for more time in the Caribbean.

There was and still is a lot to organize, of course, but we got an equal if not greater lot of lovely snorkeling, diving, beach time and even a dolphin encounter out of it.

There are consequently numerous more tales to tell and we’ll surely get some of them out of our systems in the time between our boat leaving the water in a few days and us flying back home.

Brewer’s Bay (British Virgin Islands) – Nature on Steroids

Brewer’s Bay is situated on the north coast of Tortola, the largest of the British Virgin Islands. It has become one of our favourite places in the BVIs over the two nights we anchored there, due to its beautiful scenery with lush vegetation (while much of the rest of the BVIs is quite dry this time of the year), large and intact coral reefs and teeming sea life around the rock formations at its entrance.

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Off to Sardinia

We fixed our engine for good yesterday, tested it, checked the weather five last times and tidied the boat. This morning we got up at six to set sail to Sardinia. This is it. We’re finally, finally leaving Sicily.

The journey will take until Sunday and lead us over calm, open waters, not too much wind, so good conditions for a first night at sea (though probably lots of motoring). And the first time we’ll lose sight of land on this voyage. Not to worry, though! There are always a few satellites hiding in the skies. Might just try posting from the middle of the sea tomorrow!

Shitty Schematic

Just to prove that we’re actually busy doing…stuff, here is an example of the high level of engineering professionalism and love for detail that flows into all of our work:

Busy days…

It’s been a busy last few months, and even busier last few weeks. We have tons of news to be summarized, loads of pictures and videos to be edited and heaps of ideas for articles to write, from personal philosophical musings about life to comprehensive To-Dos (or Really-Really-Not-To-Dos) on the various ventures of boat building. It’s been a blast. Continue reading “Busy days…”