Beach BBQ on Bequia

Well I guess this is kind of messing up Kristin’s order in our posts, but I wanted to share some nice pictures of our beach BBQ on Bequia ­čÖé

During our diving lessons at Dive Bequia we met a funny local guy, Fabio, who is actually  spear fishing free diving (!!) for Baracudas and other sea creatures  unlucky enough to cross his way. He was a really nice guy and we did a beach BBQ together at the lovely beach of Bequia. Here are the pictures:

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We are fine!


I just wanted to say we are fine after the autumn storm hit Italy. Luckly it wasn’t that bad at the south of Sardinia. At the beginning the wind direction was south-east pushing the swell into the harbour and it was quite rocky. So at four in the morning we were running around on the pontoon to keep the catamaran next to us from pushing against us (by stealing his fenders at putting them to the other side :D). Later the wind luckily turned to south-west as predicted, which is safe for this harbour, before the real gusts up to 50 kn were arriving. Actually this was the first time I saw a barometer dropping around 10 mbar in some hours remembering this rule of thumb from the sailing book! However it was a quite impressive roaring in the night, but we were lucky and nothing happend. And due to the bad weather we had to stay inside for an entire day, eating sweeties and watch bad movies ­čśë

At the italian main land in Rapallo the harbour is quite unprotected and open towards south-west and wind up to 80 kn (!!) was annouced causing 5-6 m waves directly into the harbour with catastrophic results:

However weather is clearing up again here and in two days the sea will be calm enough to proceed further west to Ibiza, second try!



So ich bin in Licata angekommen! Jiha! Flug ohne Wiederkehr…ehh…R├╝ckflug. Aus Gr├╝nden, die mir auch nicht so richtig klar sind, musste ich diesmal nicht in die zuf├Ąllige, verdachtsunabh├Ąngige Sprengstoffkontrolle, so wie bei meinen letzten 6 Fl├╝gen von Stuttgart aus. Naja denen war auch schon warm um 10 Uhr morgens.

Ich hab auf jeden Fall gerade die Klimaanlage in unserer AirBnB Wohnung auf 26┬░C hoch gedreht, damit es nicht zu kalt wird im Vergleich zu drau├čen! Merkt ihr was? 26┬░C? Hoch? So langsam beschleichen mich Zweifel ob unseres Plans:

1.) Warum wollten wir unbedingt im August bei ├╝ber 30┬░C hier in Italien in unserem Plastik-Schiff hocken und schrauben?

2.) Warum fahren wir eigentlich nur in L├Ąnder wo diese Au├čentemperatur normal ist?

Hihi naja ├╝berraschend ist das eigentlich nicht und irgendwie wei├č ich auch die Antwort: Weil es vool cool ist! ­čśÇ

Ich hab nun ein ganzes Jahr frei um das zu machen worauf ich seit Jahren Bock hab! Geil! Also auf gehts!

Out of office…

Today was my last day at work and there was only one serious project left to do, apart from drinking coffee and chatting with colleagues, which was setting my out of office message:

I’ve always wanted to write something like this! ­čśÇ

So, time to get my stuff together and fly to Italy! I’m gone…