Alive and just working

Nope, we didn’t sink the boat, we didn’t break all of our electronics and we haven’t run out of interesting things to tell. Problem is, we haven’t run out of work, either.

Since arriving in Sicily more than a month ago, we have been working long days to get our boat ready for the trip, but even now we’re not finished. The refurbished engine has finally arrived and is now getting ready for assembly and being put back in the boat, the bathroom and kitchen are finally working (we had the first dinner tonight that we cooked on our own stove…talking about achievements…). Don’t get me wrong, it’s all still a lot of fun and we’re learning a lot of things, but time is a big issue and so on most days we’re simply too busy to do anything else than turning our Serenity into the boat she deserves to be.

Anyway, we will post all the pictures and tell all the stories of the refitting process once there is time for that, i.e. once we’re chilling out in our cockpit instead of overhauling the autopilot. Big promise!

In the meanwhile, we’ll ignore the dark age of August and simply start to post the daily business here to prove we’re not dead, yet.

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